First Class Physio specialises in providing a Mobile Aged Care Physiotherapy Service throughout the Gold Coast.

Areas we visit include independent living units/homes, retirement villages & nursing homes.

We are truly passionate about providing a high standard of care for senior citizens/pensioners in the community with no goal being too big or too small.

We will set out a treatment plan and work with you to achieve the desired result.

We have a true compassion for helping the elderly and enjoy building long term relationships with clients and family members.


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Benefits of Aged Care Physio

  • Feel fitter and healthier
  • Maintain your independence and confidence
  • Live at home longer with less reliance/dependence on others
  • Help you maintain and/or get back to your hobbies, sport or activities that you enjoy.
  • Provide pain relief from those annoying aches and pains


Common Conditions That Aged Care Physios treat

  • Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, osteopenia, osteoporosis
  • Dementia, Parkinsons disease and a range of neurological conditions
  • Post operative conditions i.e total hip replacements, knee replacements, post fracture
  • Assist with palliative care
  • Pain management
  • Balance issues resulting in FALLS
  • Mobility issues: i.e difficulties walking, steps, inclines and uneven surfaces
  • Transfer issues: i.e difficulties getting in/out of bed, getting up from chairs and getting in/out of cars
  • Rehab for individuals with cancer, cardio vascular disease, diabetes, hypertension
  • Respiratory physio i.e conditions such as pneumonia

Why is Physiotherapy so Important as we get older?

Physiotherapy is highly beneficial for seniors who want to MOVE better, FEEL better, and PERFORM better. Just like a motor vehicle we take it for regular services to keep it running well and prevent problems. It is the same with the human body. We should look after it so it is functioning at its best especially as we get older.

At First Class Physio our goal is to improve each client’s overall health and well being. We also address any safety concerns and questions you may have i.e should I be using a walking aid? How do I prevent falls or trips at home? Our initial session involves gathering information about your medical history. We go on to perform a thorough assessment to determine areas that need improvement and then provide appropriate treatment.

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