We are experienced in treating a broad spectrum of conditions. We see clients under the NDS, clients with sporting injuries as well as provide pre and post operative Rehab.
We work along side your specialist and GP and provide you with the utmost care.

Rehab Physio is often essential to optimising outcomes with certain surgeries and often fast tracks your road to recovery.

After undergoing surgery you may be limited in mobility, on pain medications, unable to drive for a period of time or just not up to venturing outside the comfort of your home to visit a physiotherapist.

We can arrange convenient MOBILE PHYSIO appointments across the Gold Coast or ONLINE PHYSIO sessions anywhere within Australia.


What to expect from a Rehab Physio

  • Provide support and information to help you manage your condition
  • Pain management strategies
  • Provide tailored programs that can be completed within the home
  • Assessment of mobility aids and the home environment to ensure it’s safe
  • Progressive rehabilitation to speed up recovery times
  • Provide expert advice to ensure exercises are done correctly

Common conditions suitable for Rehab Physio

  • Joint replacements i.e shoulder, knee, hip
  • Shoulder reconstructions i.e labral tears, rotator cuff repairs, post dislocation stabilisation
  • Spinal i.e spinal fusions, laminectomies, discectomies
  • Post fracture repairs
  • ACL reconstructions, other ligament repairs, meniscal tears, patella stabilisation

rehab physio

Rehab Physio can improve:

  • Strength of weak muscles
  • Range of motion of tight joints
  • Walking ability and correct gait pattern
  • Balance
  • Recovery rate
  • Pain levels
  • Swelling
  • Fitness and overall health condition
  • Sport performance


Further information

Often it is useful to have a discharge summary if you have recently been in hospital. This will provide all the relevant details if you have had surgery.

Reports such as x-rays and MRIs can also provide useful information. This allows your Physiotherapist to gain a good understanding of your condition.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) also provides some information on their website into the benefits of rehabilitation.

Your Rehab Physio will conduct a thorough assessment and will determine what needs to be improved and the appropriate treatment  prescribed.

Your Physiotherapist will monitor your progress and you will have peace of mind knowing your on the right track. Your practitioner will also explain what to expect during the process and how you can achieve the best outcomes.

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